Enxium helps the most promosing digital enterpreneures take their companies from seed stage to series a and beoynd

What we provide?

We help inventors, founders, entrepreneurs or corporate teams to take the steps which enable results beyond the imaginable. With an international team of experienced entrepreneurs, specialists and digital natives we provide an ‚in-situ‘ task force that organizes a knowhow transfer tailored to your individual ideas and needs.


How to connect decentralized and renewable power production with future consumers? Today, power flow is unidirectional to the consumer and data is fed back just on a monthly or, in case of domestic households, still on an annual reporting basis.


In the wake of the ongoing digitalization, E-Mobility stands for the disruption of individual transport, or auto motion. Regardless which technology will succeed after all, be it electrical power, the fuel cell or other, the future car will be a connector in a larger communication network. E-Mobility in that sense rather translates as “Embedded Mobility” than simply “Electrified Mobility”.


Digital Content

“Digitalization is the use of digital technologies to change a business model and provide new revenue and value-producing opportunities; it is the process of moving to a digital business.” (Gartner IT-Glossary). We are focusing on the entrepreneurial approach. i.e. revenue and value first. Our credo is that business is good and, with the use of digital technology, business is easy.

Therefore the development of the business model is important and advanced entrepreneurial experiences and knowhow are key to success. When we evaluate a project, we start with a business model canvas. Once having successfully reached the first tier, the underlying business model, we start to weave the mesh which accounts for the realization process. Team building and, very important, team excitement are a major issue as these people reach out for a game changing new business design, after all.

When working with corporate teams, we make sure that both outside and inside experts find themselves in a progressive environment, assuring that knowhow is shared equally and results are produced quickly. We use modern agile techniques and state-of-the-art digital technology. With the advent of a new customer generation, gamification and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions have become important areas to which corporates should and do pay attention to increasingly. Following are some of the achievements of Project: Gateway, an VR expert pool, and an Enxium shareholding.

Gryphon VR

Gryphon VR is a hardware and software solution that tracks and evaluates the exact movement of the user’s pupils during a VR application. Detailed data per view is collected and processed to provide better information on the user’s individual reaction and experience. In a feedback process the VR environment (AR is also possible) can be adapted precisely to the user’s individual sight to enhance performance.

Gryphon VR bridges the gap to Interactive VR. On a large user scale and with the information of thousands of users it marks a key technology for improved VR applications in game development, for market research, for training applications or even in medical remote treatments. GRYPHON VR is a great example for an agile joint development. Under the lead of Project: Gateway a world-spanning team of up to 15 professionals from the US, Western and Eastern Europe and Asia has jointly developed the alpha prototype within less than a year.


VREO.IO has re-invented the billboard. It can integrate digital textures in any online format, in VR or 2D, animated or fixed with any information content and on any device, from console to PC and mobile. The filling of those ‘digital billboards’ is made fully automatic by a set of Plugins and a web backend. VREO applies a specially designed and patented cost-per-view measuring algorithm to evaluatethe user behaviour and to collect data on the duration, screen angle, size and position of the embedded billboard visible in the user’s screen frame.

The VREO technology adds new possibilities to online marketing and even allows for ‘in-animation’ information presentation. Application examples are online gaming where exchangeable ads can be placed in-game and so provide new ways of monetizing. In professional product presentation software samples or product information can be exchanged without extensive recurrent programming works.

VREO also uses mass data algorithm to provide feedback information for interactive applications and AI algorithm for enhanced learning. When used as an AdTech solution VREO adds a platform where ads are auctioned automatically through programmatic advertising.